beautiful music, beautifully sung
Saturday morning workshop

"We are fortunate to work on inspiring, challenging choral repertoire in KCS.
Not just the large, classical choral masterworks, but also stand-alone gems by contemporary composers such as Ola Gjeilo, Stephen Chatman, and Daniel Elder."

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Ian at rhearsal cropped

"Ian brings a unique skill set to our weekly rehearsals. He knows every singer in the chorus, is ever-patient, and always generous and respectful toward us as individuals and as a choir. Yet he also listens with a fine discerning ear, and pushes us to sing with precision, and control, and emotion. We work hard to meet the exacting performance standards that he sets for us every week."

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Luminous Night cropped

"The opportunity to sing an eclectic mixture of beautiful classic and newer choral works both with a great mixed choir and under the direction of one of the most talented, congenial and charismatic artistic directors in our area."

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altogether different cropped

"I could never have imagined how much I would learn; the joy of singing as part of a larger organism; the concentration and intellectual stimulation that the rehearsals would demand and provide; and, most notably, the deeply moving thrill I would experience from performing a great piece of music with this group of dedicated people.... do yourself a huge favor, try it!"

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rehearsal hall cropped

"I believe that choral singing is an exemplar of peace making in our world. When people work to learn something well, then present it with others for the pleasure of more, different people we all shine together! There's tremendous connecting going on, along with all the pleasure of working with our artistic director Ian, and his team of Clare and Emily."

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Messiah Cropped J Barton

"I have now sung in several choirs, but I find I am most attracted to the repertoire and the excellence of the choral instruction under the leadership of Ian Juby. With his years of experience as a choral director and as a teacher of music, Ian Juby has the perseverance, patience, talent and organizational skills to shape the inevitably varied talents of the sections into a harmonious whole."

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rehearsal hall The Isabel cropped

"Choral singing brings many benefits: enhanced skill in reading music, deeper appreciation of varied musical repertoire, better listening skills, keener cognitive functioning through learning notes, dynamics, words and tempo. The finest gift is the spiritual uplift from the joy of singing together with the other choir members in a collaborative effort to produce the best performance possible for the audience to enjoy."

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Earth Songs

The KCS invites interested singers to audition for a place in the choir in the fall of the current season. Some choral experience and the ability to follow a score will be considered an asset. Choristers are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances during the season, and to spend time working on repertoire between rehearsals. 

To request an audition, please complete the Application to Audition form.

Auditions for the 2024/25 season will take place this fall. ​Prospective members will be asked to prepare a short selection of music chosen by the Artistic Director – please click the link below to view the passage for this year. Candidates will also be asked to vocalize exercises to show their range and pitch recognition.

Brahms #4 for KCS

Soprano / Alto / Bass:
beginning to end of bar 43
Tenor: beginning to end of bar 33

Of Note:

  • Read about the 23/24 season
  • The choir meets Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 in the Upper Hall at The Spire, at 82 Sydenham St in downtown Kingston.
  • The cost to sing with KCS is $290, and all music is included in this amount.
  • KCS relies on volunteerism from the choir and our supporters.
  • KCS has a dress code for performances.
  • KCS is a scent aware organization, and a safe inclusive space for all singers.