German Pronounciation by Claire Marion

O schöne Nacht (Brahms)

English Translation

O lovely night


O lovely night!

In the heavens, the moon gleams magically

in all its splendour;

about it, the sweet comradeship

of tiny stars.


The dew glimmers brightly

on the green blades of grass; with great power,

the nightingale sings out in the elder-bush;

the young man steals quietly to his sweetheart –

O lovely night!

An die Sonne (Schubert)

English Translation

To the Sun

English Translation © Richard Wigmore

O sun, queen of the world,

who lights our dark lives –

O sun, queen of the world,

who lights our dark round

in shining majesty;

sublime marvel of a hand

which spread out the distant heavens

and strewed the stars within them!


Today I can still see your radiance;

in its garlands of flowers

nature still smiles upon me today.

Tomorrow the bright-feathered hosts of birds

may never again sing to me

in the woods and the meadows.


I feel that I am mortal;

my life withers away like grass,

like languishing leaves.

Who knows how unexpectedly, how soon

the voice of the Almighty will ring out to me:

‘Return to the dust!’