KCS Formal and Informal Dress

Excellence in performance is supported by consistency and uniformity in appearance 


All music is required to be organized in correct order and securely fastened in a plain black folder to minimize shuffling of music scores during performance.

Dress Code, KCS 2022

The Kingston Choral Society strives to be an inclusive and welcoming organization for all those who love to sing. Our concert dress policy for performances aims to create a visual image that projects professionalism. A unified appearance reduces visual distraction for the audience and promotes the amalgamation of many individuals one collective for performance.

There are slight variations in dress for formal and informal concerts. Singers are encouraged to dress in unrestrictive clothing that suits their personal comfort using the standards below as guidance.

Formal Concert Dress Options

1. Black tuxedo or black business suit, black bow tie and plain,solid white, long-sleeved dress shirt with black belt or suspenders
2. Black, long-sleeved, mid-calf or ankle-length dress with a neckline that does not dip more than 1” below the collar bone
3. Black ankle-length skirt, or plain black dress pants with plain, opaque, black dress top or shirt with a neckline that does not dip more than 1” below the collar bone.

Informal Concert Dress Options

1. Black, long-sleeved, mid-calf or ankle-length dress with a neckline that does not dip more than 1” below the collar bone
2. Black ankle-length skirt or plain black dress pants with plain, opaque, black dress top or shirt with a neckline that does not dip more than 1” below the collar bone.

Please note:
Any button-down dress shirts must be worn with a black t-shirt underneath
A plain black jacket may be added to any top or dress
Leggings and black jeans are not allowed
All singers must wear black dress shoes and black socks or stockings. Exceptions can be made for foot concerns/issues

Accessories and make-up:
· Singers may wear hair clips, ponytails, buns, or headbands that do not sparkle or shine
· Only stud earrings may be worn. No dangling earrings or large, noticeable ear gauges
· Noticeable body piercings should be removed for the concert (particularly large nose, cheek,
or lip piercings)
· Should singers wish to wear make-up, muted tones are preferred

Scent Free Policy
KCS supports a scent free environment. Please do not wear colognes or perfumes or use strongly scented hair products or deodorants. Many people are allergic to these scents.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the KCS concert dress policy, please contact your
Section Leader.

    Rehearsal Attendance and Concert Participation Rules

    • In order to qualify to sing in any one concert, members must:
      • a minimum 75% attendance in respect of the preparatory rehearsals for that concert
      • attend all rehearsals designated as * Mandatory for the concert (starred and bolded in the rehearsal listings).
    • Members should notify their Section Leader of occasional absences from all or part of Tuesday-night choral rehearsals, if possible in advance.
    • Members should discuss any periods of prolonged absences and/or any unavoidable absences from the *Mandatory rehearsals with both their Section Leader and the Artistic Director. A decision will be taken as to whether the member is sufficiently prepared to sing in the concert to which the missed rehearsals relate. In the event of non-resolution, the matter will be referred to the President, and the President’s decision will be final.

    Exceptions to Attendance Rules will be handled on a case-by-case basis


    Covid Protocol

    After discussion among the executive concerning the somewhat ambiguous and frequently changing policies of the Ontario Health Authority with respect to recommendations concerning protection against COVID-19, we have modified the KCS COVID policy as follows.

      • All members attending rehearsals must have had three vaccinations. Vaccination certificates will be checked.
      • All attendees must have a fourth vaccination of either a currently available vaccine, or of the multivalent vaccine when it becomes available. Vaccination compliance will be checked after the
        multivalent vaccine becomes available.
      • There will be no waiting period between getting the fourth vaccination and attending rehearsals.
      • Members who have recovered from a COVID infection, and who must wait for a longer period before getting a fourth shot, will be allowed to rehearse in the meantime. (Note that the waiting period of 3 months is only a recommendation, not a rule, and you can ask for an earlier fourth shot if you have personal risk factors or are concerned about singing closely with others in a choir).
      • Members must not attend rehearsals if they show any symptoms of sickness, whether such symptoms are indicative of COVID infection
        or not.
      • Masks must be worn at all times when in the rehearsal space.
      • Distancing will be required. Members will be allocated a specific space by their section leaders.
      • Socialisation must be minimised, and distancing observed at all times.
      • As an added precaution, all members are urged to be vaccinated against the flu virus, which, potentially, is a greater threat to members than COVID.
      • This policy will be updated as circumstances demand.